Snow, mud and … more snow

The freeze is thawing in Bijeljina

Snow, mud and … more snow

It’s easier to talk about poverty and misery than how to get out of it. Unfortunately, the same applies to snow and mud. That’s why we have decided to report neither on the former nor the latter, and to refrain from publishing pictures full of sadness and misery.

As far as the snow is concerned, the winter season has proven to be stronger than our attitude. We had light snow on our way from Tuzla to Brčko (60km). On the drive from Brčko back to Tuzla, the drifting snow was partly concealing a romantic mountain landscape with magical winter forests, appearing as if the trees had been sprinkled with powdered sugar. The very same evening brought heavy snowfall and the roads were slippery when we were travelling from Tuzla to Bijeljina (70km). All in all, it was a four-hour drive on a snow theme.

The following day we visited a greenhous in Bijeljina, which was completed only a few weeks ago by Otaharin, a local NGO. Inside the greenhouse the first tender lettuce sprouts were growing from the soil.

Outside, the snow had begun to thaw, turning into slush. Thanks for rubber boots!


Photo: © Zorana Mušikić